Why Ledyard Autobody is the Perfect Choice


When things get cracked, bent, smashed, shattered, dented, or crushed it's important to know that the shop you bring it to can get everything back into the incredible and exacting tolerances of the manufacturer. Count on genuine Mercedes parts and quality. It's the first step in getting things to place for our paint department.
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A perfect paint job is tantamount to customer satisfaction. Our experienced team gives us the ability to tint and match any color to any vehicle. We are a Mercedes Certified Collision Center but also treat and repair all other makes and models.

We use PPG Envirobased water borne technology which is compliant with current and future legislation. A benefit of using this product is the excellent final appearance, gloss and image clarity with the approved clear coats. Being a Mercedes certified shop entails complete aluminum repair, extensive body work, frame work on a Cellet frame machine and matching OEM finishes.

Thorough prep work is completed before vehicle enters the spray booth. Each car is wet sanded and buffed after it is painted to match OEM finishes.


We know you're going to look closely at our work. That's why we pay attention to details like incredible prep work done before the painting and at the end of the line when it's out of the paint booth and being prepared for delivery.

We want you to fall in love all over again as we deliver your car looking like the day it rolled out of the dealership.
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We are one of two Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Centers in the state of CT. In addition to restoring the Mercedes-Benz line of automobiles to their original splendor after a mishap, we do the same world class repair work to BMW, VW, Audi, and Porsche automobiles.
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